19 September 2011

Television Helps Clean

It's not what you think it is!

I have somehow managed to escape the last few years without watching an entire episode of the TV show 'Hoarders'.  I caught maybe half of a program about a year ago, but never a full hour.

Until tonight.

Let me tell you, if ever you need motivation to clean, clear, declutter, disinfect, or pitch, watching this show will do it.  One woman hoarded animals - over fifty dogs and cats lived in her house, which was absolutely trashed.  Cockroaches, feces, filth...all over.  Pestilence is a word rarely used in everyday language anymore; however, it perfectly summarizes this house's condition.  The other feature was a gentleman whose house ended up being condemned.  It was just plain dangerous to live there.

The older I get, the more I realize there's a lot that I can't fathom or imagine...and having this hoarding disease is one of them.  I personally am affronted by clutter...I dunno, maybe it's a Feng Shui thing, but piles of useless junk are just piles of negativity for me.  But, hating the mess and actually clearing it out are two totally unrelated ideas.  Sometimes, I feel so overwhelmed...that I do nothing about it.

Now, though, I think watching 'Hoarders' will provide any future impetus I might need.  My house is millions of times better than the ones on the show, but at 9:05 tonight, after all children were in bed, I could see nothing but MESSY CHAOS!  So, my husband and I were impelled to do some work. The office, our bedroom, my bathroom, the kitchen counters/cabinets all received definite benefits. 

I guess that hour in the front of the television tonight wasn't a total waste!


  1. HD:

    Your post is a reminder that my wife and I have to start cleaning out closets and drawers to get rid of clutter.

  2. I get the same jolt from watching Clean House, without the horror feeling from Hoarders. (Though I also hate hearing Mom using it as an excuse saying, 'at least I'm not that bad'. :/
    But I always have an episode or two on DVR for inspiration.