05 September 2011

Glass of Moscato, Wasted!

"When the wine flows, so doth the wit."  - HD Nelson

I was just minutes, nay, seconds, away from a beautiful, wonderful recap of my holiday weekend when I reached for my glass of wine...when I saw...

Drat!  A Gnat!
How about that?

Being nearly ten o'clock on a school night, I opted not for a repour after the dumping.  Instead, I will soldier on with my blog post, although I'm sure it will be driest, lamest, boringest blog entry ever...being bereft of the grape influence.

We took our children (all four of them) camping this weekend with my husband's parents.  Jaycob had never been, so we showed him how we do it, American-style.  My father-in-law brought his boat, and so we went tubing on the lake.  I thoroughly enjoyed laughing at the bounces and bobbles every one of my kids took on that tube.  My in-laws also discovered what an eater Jaycob is (six walking tacos!), not to mention how sound of a sleeper he is.

There are times when I really, really like my in-laws...and this happened to be one of those weekends.  We were able to maintain excellent bonfires...due to my FIL's ability to reuse coals from the night before AND because he is the primary source of 'Good Wood'.  Also, when I accidentally dropped my coffeepot and it shattered, he went straight away to make a pot for both of us.  In addition, he helped Brent solve an electrical problem on our camper.

In short, he is a very practical guy...good to have around, you know?  If he were a Smurf, he'd be Handy Smurf.

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