16 June 2011

First Pool Day of the Summer

Hey, a day in Iowa without rain!  It's a sign of the impending Rapture obviously.

We have had one damn rainy month here, and today seemed like the first *real* day of summer.  You know, that hot, yellow ball in the sky and the bubbling humidity just waiting to ooze forth?

So, in my family, that means POOL TIME!  Yessiree, we were off to the local swimming hole.

I wish I had new insights to regale you with, but alas, I do not.  Instead, I will cross-reference you to this post...it pretty much contains the same thoughts, ruminations, occurrences, etc.  Just change anything that says 2010 to 2011.

Summer Fashion Trends! - June 19, 2010


  1. We had our first pool party yesterday, the first day of summer. The air temperature was about 80 degrees and the pool temperature was 76 degrees. Perfect for swimming. I am looking forward to many dips between now and October.

  2. A year later, and this post still gives me a giggle. Thanks