16 May 2011

Today's News

Today's Headlines, courtesy of Yahoo!

Shuttle Endeavour fueled for next-to-last shuttle launch

Police seek evidence of sex attack from IMF chief

Calm and prayers help steer flaming plane back to Singapore

Palestinian border protests: 'Arab Spring' moves to Israel

War crimes prosecutors seek Gadhafi's arrest Rebels gain

Boehner ready to cut budget deal as U.S. nears debt limit

I acknowledge my unworldly disinterest when I say that only one of these headlines remotely interest/affect me - the last one.

Instead, here are the ones I really care about.

Long-term Sub Job Ends in Nine Days

Family of Five, Parents Depart for Alaska in Eighteen Days

Family Patriarch Continues Job Search After Receiving Masters Degree

Summer Scheduling Reaches Pitch Frenzy Over Weekend

One Soccer Season Ends; Mother May Actually Have Time to Prepare Dinner

Bring it on, Monday!

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  1. HD:

    The most important news in our lives is always local.