26 May 2011

Blue Skies, Green Flora

Today was the last day of school. 

When you're a teacher (or student), the world is seen through an entirely different lens on the last day of school.  I don't care if it's gloomy, overcast, or pouring down rain, things seem a lot brighter on the last day of school.  It *seems* like the sun is out, for sure.

Today, by a matter of circumstance, my children and I walked home from school.  About a five-minute walk, but it was really beautiful.  Bluest blue skies I'd seen in awhile and everything (and I mean everything) was green and verdant.  The laden-down backpack I was schlepping seemed filled with feathers!

Welcome summer!


  1. Summer

    by John Clare (1865)

    Come we to the summer, to the summer we will come,
    For the woods are full of bluebells and the hedges full of bloom,
    And the crow is on the oak a-building of her nest,
    And love is burning diamonds in my true lover’s breast;
    She sits beneath the whitethorn a-plaiting of her hair,
    And I will to my true lover with a fond request repair;
    I will look upon her face, I will in her beauty rest,
    And lay my aching weariness upon her lovely breast.

    The clock-a-clay is creeping on the open bloom of May,
    The merry bee is trampling the pinky threads all day,
    And the chaffinch it is brooding on its grey mossy nest
    In the whitethorn bush where I will lean upon my lover’s breast;
    I’ll lean upon her breast and I’ll whisper in her ear
    That I cannot get a wink o’sleep for thinking of my dear;
    I hunger at my meat and I daily fade away
    Like the hedge rose that is broken in the heat of the day.

  2. This seems like a "welcome to the first day of the rest of your life" moment.