27 March 2010

Buffeted By A Major Storm...and When To Let Go

You ever have those times when you type or write a word out and realize that it's a weird word? Weirdly spelled? Weirdly pronounced? Today, "buffeted" is that word for me. Tomorrow, it will look and sound totally fine.

I try to live by one simple rule: strive to live in ways that will bring emotional contentment. It occurs to me today that I mostly live in ways that keep me from avoiding uncomfortable situations. I diet and exercise to keep from being uncomfortably obese. I work two part-time jobs to keep from being uncomfortably tied down to the work world. I write, shop, read, watch Ellen, and Google for pleasure to keep from being uncomfortably bored and stupid.

However, these actions are not a real pursuit of happiness...they are an avoidance of vexing circumstances. And I find that's not a totally keen way to live one's life.

The last two days have perhaps been the two of the most uncomfortable, unhappy, irritating, annoying days of my life. Not too good when your whole life goal is to avoid such situations!

Today, though, I woke up early, felt grateful for all my working limbs and went off to work out. Through a mix of weightlifting, talking with my career-challenged dad, and listening to the Black Eyed Peas, I sense the spirits lifting. It's amazing how the body and brain and universe sometimes collaborate for the betterment of the human person.

Things don't seem so insurmountable today. I know that part of it is the nature of time and part of it is my natural tendency to mobilize in the face of stress.

And so, I let go of all things stressful today. I have done what I can do, said what I can say, and now I am moving forward. Other, better things await me today.

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