21 April 2009

My Two-Day Birthday Celebration!

I've lived on this planet for thirty-four birthdays now, and so far, there are only about two of them I will remember on my deathbed.

I know I can't really be held accountable for my first five or so birthdays, and I'm sure they were really good, but there's no amount of clowns or puppets or Wonder Woman underwear that can really replace the memories of birthdays WHEN YOU'RE OLDER. I really can't explain my reasoning here, but I'm going to give up trying.

Anyway...the first one I remember was my 30th. My husband, who is not much of a liar, was able to keep from me a surprise party featuring not only several of our friends, but also my parents, who'd made the four-hour drive to surprise me as well. My entire dining room was done in red and yellow balloons, Brent had excellent party games for all of us to play, and he'd burned me a CD of my favorite songs.

The second one I will remember is my 34th. I know, I know...hardy har har har. You're thinking, of course, you'll remember it, it was just yesterday. Well, naturally. Like I said earlier though, I'll remember it on my deathbed as well. Shall I recap?


1. First of all, it was my husband's idea to skip church. Absolutely decadent.

2. We took the kids out on the bike trail near our house for a 40 minute walk. Good weather, good exercise, good conversation time with my husband.

3. My in-laws took us out to lunch (their idea ).

4. My mom and I did another two miles of trail walking.

5. I opened my presents and I got a juicer!!! So we spent some time playing around with that (only orange juice...that was the only fruit our fridge had at the time).

6. I went over to the school and did my substitute plans for Monday.

7. When I got home, a couple of our friends had come over for DnD, and they brought tons of fruit with them...as a birthday present to me (Brent and pre-infomed them about the juicer).

8. We began a kick-ass session of Dungeons and Dragons. In the middle of this, we ate sloppy joes, and I opened my presents from my friends. Mrs. Jones knitted my a scarf (OMG! So beautiful!) and Kimba got me a book "101 Things You Didn't Know About Jane Austen" ) I love my friends.

9. In bed by ten o clock.


1. I took a personal day to keep on celebrating. Woke up as usual, had usual breakfast, took dog for usual walk, got kids up per usual routine. But then, instead of hustling off to work, I drove the Kia to Grimes (an hour+ away) to be serviced.

2. Waited in Grimes for an hour and a half. Read some of my book club book.

3. Went to lunch at Jimmy John's...an excellent sub shop.

4. Spent a very memorable afternoon, including a browsing at Borders, puppy shopping at PetSmart, and other heres and theres.

5. Stopped by ice cream, drove home, had a quick supper, and waved goodbye to my children as they joined their dad at a Parent-Teacher meeting (they love playing in the gym).

6. I got my nails done to go with my pedicure from Saturday.

All in all, a two-day birthday celebration, and it was all very good. To all of you involved, you made my day(s) very special and one I will not forget for a very, very long time...like the day I die, and even that's negotiable.

Thank you.

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