02 April 2009

Have Watched 'Twilight'

I've read two of the four books, and now have watched the movie.

I definitely get it. I see why teenage girls (and maybe even some moms) across the world have 'Edward' posters pasted all over their rooms and why they've watched the movie about 25 times already. Edward is hot, there is a lot of heavy breathing and meaningful glances and excellently timed music; it is, no doubt, the stuff young girls' romantic dreams are made of.

As for me, I will maybe watch it one more time, to pick up anything new that I missed while I was making fun of it last night.

The Joneses, Kimba, and Pam came over to watch as well, and I will safely say that it is near impossible to watch a movie with those ladies without morphing into the hosts from MST 3000. And I loved every moment!

Considering the book is a lot of deep conversation and charged stares, the movie does a decent job of cutting some of this out. So, in exchange for the truth of the book, the director/producer felt the need to insert some other extras that were not true to the book, such as: a disturbing little "taunt the guy in the wheelchair" scene and a completely unnecessary field trip to a compost(?) site.

On top of this, Edward was not as compelling in the movie as he was in the book. The book did a great job of gradually (sort of) developing the Bella-Edward relationship. The movie: not as well. Here's the nutshell.

B: Who's that?
Friends: Edward Cullen - hot, but weird.
B: OK, I'll stay away but I can't help staring.


E: Stares and grimaces at her during Bio class. Appears to hate her guts.


B: How did you save me?
E: I'm not telling, get used to disappointment.

E: I'm the bad guy, I'm a monster.
B: So? You're still hot.


B: I know what you are.
E: Say it. (Weird, he forces her verbally acknowledge his condition)
B: Vampire. I'm not afraid, though.
E: You have no idea how much I want your blood.

Not that any of this is realistic, but of course, the book did it better.

But, naturally, you all know that goes.

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