26 October 2008

Another Nerd Weekend

Yours truly spent another satisfying weekend immersed in the nerd lifestyle.

First, on Friday night, I spent discussing the second half of the book "Just Do It: How one couple turned off the TV and turned on their sex lives for 101 days (No Excuses)." For those of you dear readers who don't know, I am one-third of a powerful literary organization known as...Universal Khaki. Roughly every two weeks, we meet (in secret) to discuss mind-provoking literature like Eragon, Stardust, et al.

Secrets that were unlocked and mysteries that were unveiled are far too powerful to speak of here.

So, then, Saturday. The crew assembled at noon for a rousing Dungeons and Dragons adventure.

Oh yes, I have now confessed. Complete nerd.

Due to the noctural habits of our junior players (one of them being our DM), we actually did not start the adventure until one-thirtyish.

We fought several enemies, and I leapt upon an Amulet of Fireball, taking negative points of damage (rendering myself unconscious). Don't be fooled, I didn't do it for the heroics. Everyone else but me failed their Reflex save and so I "took one for the team."

Being a monk, though, I can kill enemies pretty much with my bare fists, so I did a lot of that. Brent's character is a bard, so he did a lot of singing. Kerri was a sorceress, so she cast a lot of spells. Kimba's a ranger, so she did a lot of...rangering. I guess. The other guys are fighters and barbarians and did a great amount of hack-and-slash.

It was all good, and culminated in an utter defeat of 100 foot soldiers by us. We had pits and fire rings and piano wire and spiky things that hurt their feet. Yes, complete annihilation.

Our game plan for destroying the soldiers was so brilliant that I actually documented it.

Here we all our posing around the visual of our magnificent strategem, pointing to our character.

And here are two little mini-nerds in the making.

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