09 February 2007


OK, in the space-time continuum of my world, the above is true. So there.

Update on my teeth.

I scheduled (and went to) an ortho appointment for last Thursday, because every single dentist I've ever had advises it. I can't say I'm too thrilled about more intensive work on my teeth, since I can barely withstand the cleaning, but, you know, whatever.

The ortho actually tells me that I do not have a dental emergency, which is kinda the opposite I expected to hear. Forever and ever, I've heard "you've got some crowding" or "did you know you still have one of your baby teeth?" or "you might want to think about jaw surgery and braces." I've known for a long time that I have a bad open bite (teeth don't meet in middle).

So, now, here's the guy that tells me he sees no abnormal wear and tear on my molars, which I assume would look like crap since they've done most of my chewing work for my adult life. He doesn't tell me that I absolutely must have dental work done...right now. Instead, he says, "It's up to you. I can't say you'll be fine for the rest of your life, but you might be. Your teeth might be fine until you die."

So, the ball's in my court. Do I want nice, straight, fully functional teeth? If so, am I really willing to endure two to three years of orthodontia and oral surgery? Ortho said I'd have 18 months of braces and then the surgery and recovery beyond that. Freaks me out a little to think about the surgery, but then again, so does the thought of my teeth rotting and falling (or being pulled) out. Also, should I just get it done now while I'm young enough to recover somewhat adequately or hope and pray that I'm not seventy-some years old when I gotta go have mouth surgery?

Ugh. Too many things to think about. My brain hurts already.

I just don't know. I never had braces as a kid, although I definitely needed them. My folks never had the money, and now that I do, I'm balking. I've lived with my teeth as is for the last couple of decades, and they've done their job. I certainly don't have one of those smiles where everyone cringes and wonders when I'm going to get my teeth fixed. But yet, I'd like to have straight teeth. I'd like to have my own teeth for as long as possible. The "worst case scenario" is still very cloudy...what's the worst that could happen if I do nothing?

Although, if I do this whole mouth-fixing rigamarole, maybe it'll stop my recurring teeth nightmares.

Sincerely. I'm not making that up. I have occasional nightmares where my teeth are being violently wrenched from my mouth. I never know who's doing it, but I always feel the tremendous pain, and see the blood. And I never fail to wake up in a sweat.

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