25 February 2007

Memo From The Goddess

To: All my children
From: The Goddess/Mother Nature
Re: Latest Storm Equals Personal Growth

So after this weekend's ice storm/flurry fall, I am acutely aware of the "memos" Mother Nature sends us.

1. We drove around town today, and it seriously looks like a tornadoey, war-torn zone. Tree branches and limbs everywhere, on cars, houses. Power lines askew, roads blocked. And yet, it's brutal, but its her way of pruning. It's her way of clearing out the dead flora to make room for new growth. It's her destructive, yet efficient way to keep this planet working for us.

2. And naturally, it is her way of reminding us who exactly is in charge. We think we have it all figured out with our 401Ks, Roth IRAs, on-time car payments, cupboard full of groceries, cool little iPods, cell phones, video games, etc. etc. etc. But then she sends a crippling ice storm, causing power outages, and now we are without all of the aforementioned gadgets and even necessities like electricity and heat. It is all Mother Nature reminding us what life really is, pared down.

It's time and family and survival.

She strips us of all those encumbrances to see if we sink or swim. It's the same as with the trees. She "prunes" us of the old junk, which is our dependency on modern-day stuff and our attitude that we know everything, and tries to make us remember the things that will allow us to grow (change in attitudes, etc.)

So, I guess we should embrace all these opportunities for learning that the Goddess provides us for us. Easier said than done, no doubt about that.

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