10 December 2008

Yesterday's Snow Day Recap

But, first, a message of manliness from my four-year-old son. He wakes up this morning, crawls into bed with us, and then promptly bolts to the bathroom to use the toilet. Twenty minutes later, same drill. This is when he informs me, "Mom, when my peepee gets big, that means I have to go potty."

Ah, youth. If only it could be that simple forever.

Anyway, yesterday was the first full snow day of the year. The call came at 5:50 a.m. (first the delay, then the cancellation). I went back to bed for only about a half-hour, because I'm one of those freaks who can usually wake up just about once a day.

First came breakfast, and I used the rest of my frozen blueberries in my oatmeal. Then I leisurely shopped around for Christmas presents online...in my bed and jammies. Spencer got his shopping done as well. The rest of the morning was a mishmash of activity, varying from doing laundry to playing Dance, Dance Revolution. Brent then suggested that going out for lunch would be a good idea, so off we trundled (by the way, we'd dropped off Elliot at daycare about 9 a.m.). In the afternoon, I watched "Black Snake Moan" while the kids watched "Willow." Then I graded some papers, did some Taebo, and fixed an apple crisp. Brent made the chili, and we had dinner around 5:30.

The rest of the evening was grading projects and updating grades. I was able to squeeze in a few dances on DDR towards the very end of the evening. I don't know why I've been jonesing after that game. My husband and I retired to the bedroom shortly after that, and I won't titillate you here with the gory details.


  1. Yeah, that peepee gets big stuff was funny.

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