05 February 2008

Blogging Is Like Exercising

The later in the evening I do it, the worse the total result is.

Early on in my jogging-on-the-treadmill-every-night days, I thought I was being pretty wise by running later in the evening. I was emulating Chuck Norris by roundhouse kicking my earlier-eaten dinner right in its smug little face. However...

But as I continued along in this vein for awhile, my workouts began to be less productive. It became easier to slack off because I was tireder or fuller, or whatever lame excuse appeared at the time. So, I bumped my running to right after school, and sure enough, my workouts have made like Emeril and kicked themselves up a notch.

Which brings me to blogging. The later I wait, the suckier my entry is (or so I feel...it could possibly be the same brilliant drivel to you). Right now, I'm pretty sleepy and I'd like to go to bed, which is affecting my word judgment, I'm sure of it.

So I will. Go to bed, I mean. You can all talk bad about me and my lack of literary talent after I leave.

Just to warn you all, though, we're supposed to get five+ inches of snow here tonight. It's very likely that I won't have to go to work tomorrow...but I bet you will.


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