04 December 2006

December: Cold Moon, Moon of Completion

Tonight is the last Full Moon of the year.

Tonight I reflect upon if I have fulfilled my goals of the previous months. It does not really matter what the answer is, but that I renew my commitment to forward progress. I set new goals, and strive to remember them every day.

Tonight I welcome the lengthening nights, because it reminds me of the darkness within myself. It reminds of that place where I close my eyes and contemplate the mysteries.

Tonight I acknowledge the advent of the return of the Sun God. With his rebirth on Yule, the world will grow and be sustained in his waxing light.

Our family's goals were as follows tonight (we write them down on slips of paper, place them in the cauldron, and burn them at next full moon):

1. Kirby: I want to try to not fight with Spencer.
2. Spencer: I want to find better friends to play with at school.
3. Brent: I want to not bring the stresses of work home.
4. Me: I want to be a more devoted wife to Brent.

Bright Blessings!

1 comment:

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