03 February 2011

A Wee Early For Valentine's Day

Most of the time, Streamers, this upcoming holiday of lovers tends to pass me by in an uneventful fashion.

After all...

1. Pink is my favorite color, no matter what day of the year.
2. I resent the overcommercialization of chocolate, as I can really no longer indulge in its sugary goodness like I used to.
3. While I love flowers (in their natural environment), I'm not much for receiving them on February 14th.
4. I don't really expect my husband to shell out two months' worth for diamonds, only for me to lose them down the kitchen drain (it doesn't matter where, the material point is that I would lose it at some point, as sure as the sun rises in the east).

In an act of self-preservation, I usually pooh-pooh the holiday and pretend it's not important. However, the few years my husband has been stupid enough to heed my declaration of "let's not do anything for Valentine's Day", I realize that in fact, I do care and I do, so very desperately, want to celebrate the Love Day...and I want to be treated like a Goddess....and smothered in chocolate and dipped in diamonds...or dipped in chocolate and smothered in diamonds...or both.

Anyway, I was reading this article on Yahoo! called "Six Mistakes to Avoid on Valentine's Day". I know, it's ridiculous, right? Just another mixed message - we can't afford to spend beacoup dollars on our loved ones, but don't even think about buying a damn stupid stuffed animal for him/her (Mistake #4). Or flowers (#5). Or a store-bought Hallmark card (#1).

All I know is this: it takes two to tango, to efficiently plant a tomato garden, to make a baby, etc...and thus, it takes two to properly celebrate Valentine's Day.

Hence, Exhibit A:

1. I have procured child care arrangements for Saturday, February 12 (from five to nine p.m. we will be free...FREE AT LAST, THANK GOD ALMIGHTY FREE AT LAST...)

2. I have a great idea for dinner that does not involve overpaying for breaded chicken breast.

3. My husband very surreptitiously, but excitedly, snuck something into the house today which he says is part of my Valentine's Day present...but I have reservations, as the last I knew, he was coming home from the gas station.

See what I mean? No false hopes, expectations, or lame letdowns...just pure joint awesomeness. And, if this Valentine's Day is totally lame, then who's to blame?

Both of us.

And that's love, friends.

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