19 January 2010

Many Thoughts - Let Them Commence

My inner spirit has been most appeased during the course of this still-not-yet-over-weekend.

Last night: Watching my husband get loopy from drinking one Long Island Iced Tea. Meanwhile, one Bloody Mary and two Rolling Rocks caused me to be a tad more belligerent, but not a jot less coherent.

Same night: Driving through McDonalds to satisfy an ice-cream cone craving, watching same husband drop his cone into his lap, later causing him to claim his ice-cream tasted like "pant leg". My cone was consumed in its full, unblemished, vanilla goodness.

This Morning: Looking up the recipe for a Long Island Iced Tea and discovering it's fairly high alcohol content.

Later On: Doing groceries and saving almost $11 with coupons. It just feels like I've given the big middle finger to the food companies of America who try to stiff us on high prices and bloat us on crappy nutritional content.

Way Later On (Straddling Sat-Sun): I must say I am somewhat satisfied with the contents of my winter closet. First of all, I have a decent variety of colors and styles to suit any occasion of the winter season. Many of my tops/sweaters/shirts are multipurpose, meaning I can pair them with work khakis or trousers as well as jeans. However, when I set about the very satisfying task of organizing my closet by color, I noticed something very interesting...

All long-sleeved tops - includes basically anything that is not a t-shirt.

13 - Pink
1 - Orange
4 - Green
4 - Blue
2 - Purple
2 - Brown
4 - Black
4 - White

Do you see what I see? An inordinate amount of pink. Definitely disproportionate to the rest of the colors of the rainbow. Perhaps this activity will help temper my shopping habits: if I choose to purchase a new article of clothing (aka top), it may not be pink. Or...if it is pink, I must discard a pink shirt from my wardrobe in its place.

I feel as if I am John the Apostle, who received the Revelation on the Greek island of Patmos. I have heard the word of the fashion god.

Sunday Morning: Arose at eight o'clock and completed the following tasks before hopping in the shower at 10:45.

1. Made a carrot cake (will be icing later).
2. Reorganized spice racks and pantry area (with help of daughter)/
3. Made Veg Noodle Soup and portionalized for the week ahead.
4. Prepared pot roast for today's dinner.
5. Prepared baked potatoes for today's dinner.
6. Did a load of laundry.

To me, this is a very satisfying way to spend a Sunday morning. In the kitchen. After my shower and lunch, I'll probably go workout, throw the roast and potatoes in, finish laundry, frost the cake...

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