13 October 2009

Watching Little Ones

And no, I don't mean this in a deviant, pedophile way.

Life is pretty busy around here - almost more so than when I was working full-time. All five of us are involved in at least one activity...and that equals craziness.

However, I still have found the time to watch my children grow and marvel at what they can do.

For example, my ten-year-old now eats everything. I mean, he just simply falls to it. Seconds, thirds, and fourths, if it's something he really likes. He's growing, and I realize we are headed for the teen years. He's also a voracious reader, as well as avid video game player, drawer, and dancer. That makes me think of my friend Kimba's MBRH. He (MBRH) had the same interests as a kid, and he seems pretty cool now, so...

Then, Kirby is eight going eighteen. She's very much the mother hen, the leader, the bossy Bessy. I think I'm OK with that, though. I call her 'assertive'. Even if she does alienate some people because of it, I do think it's a trait that serves a woman well later in life.

And oh! The baby. Thank goodness he will still let me hold and kiss him. However, he knows how to maneuver his way around a computer! I let him have some laptop time in the morning, while I'm getting ready. (Don't worry, he only wants to go to Pokemon sites!). Well, he's quite the pro at mousing, clicking, etc. He hasn't really caught on to Internet surfing, though...LOL. So, while he's "mature" in that regards, he still is enough of a kid to want to lick the spatula after helping me make a cake.

I used to scoff when all those old folks instructed me to enjoy the time I had with them now, because they'd be soon grown up. Huh, well, I don't scoff anymore. I welcome each new phase of development, that's for sure, but it's mingled with that strangely hollow feeling that time indeed marches on. We sure don't get anything back.

I am thinking now of Robert Herrick's poem (famously quoted "Dead Poets' Society").

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
Old Time is still a-flying.
This same flower that smiles today,
tomorrow will be dying.

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